Software Development/Nearshoring  

We support the increasing demand and significant lack of specialists in software development services in areas such as Ruby-On-Rails, C++, Java, XML, XSL, and APEX. In addition, our experts have in-depth specialist knowledge of all database systems such as Oracle, Informix, SQL/MySQL and Postgres.
If you require an additional development language, please let us know!

We have developed tiered outsourcing models for the implementation which offer customized services for our clients from Munich and from our nearshoring development team in Simferopol, Ukraine.

Advantages for our clients
- Flexibility
- Guaranteed quality
- Scalable
- Competitively priced  

valucon – Complete

You will be able to utilize the know-how of the valucon’s Munich-based consultants. The applications development is designed by us and, in cases of project contracts with overall responsibility, implemented at our nearshoring location in Simferopol. The German-speaking project managers – business information systems specialists, computer scientists and mathematicians – ensure a reliable and high quality product.

valucon – Flex
Would you like to be responsible for a portion of the project management and merely  purchase additional resources and know-how?
You can do this by determining the software development stage in which you would like to work with us. You will receive support for your daily tasks from the valucon nearshoring location, Simferopol. The Project Managers located in Munich serve as your on-site interface.

valucon – Pure Nearshoring

Do you want to supervise and directly manage nearshoring capacity yourself? We can offer you a German- and English-speaking contact to the nearshoring team in Simferopol. We provide the required resources (personnel/hardware/software resources, etc.), and handle all contractual matters. Your nearshoring team works only for you.